Golden dream plus (+):-

Special prize and no wastage and making charges

In this 11 months scheme, the customer can pay the minimum of Rs. 100 and above from the joining of this scheme. a customer can pay only one payment per day and a minimum customer must pay Rs.100 per month.(Payment with multiple chances)The consolidated customer amount should must in the amount of 2lakh (At the end of 11month).

Pay your monthly instalment by Cash, Debit /Credit cards, Cheque , DD AT PAR to the name of “K.LAKSHMANA ACHARI SON JEWELLERS PVTE LTD,STATE BANK OF INDIA, ARUPPUKOTTAI. A/C NO. : 31207468952”.

At the end of the scheme (i.e. End of the month), customers can purchase gold and silver jewels

The customer can pay the instalment in any of our branches and also purchase ornaments in any of our branches.

In this scheme account holder can add one nominee to their account.

After 300th day of joining scheme, the customer can purchase gold and silver jewels